Sharla Hardin

Had to post some very exciting news....went to a follow Dr appointment today. Roughly 5 weeks into the program, my doctor took me off of my Anti-Diabetic medication due to the stability of my blood sugar levels. I had a follow up appointment to review my blood work after 4 weeks of being off of the medicine and it came back with EXCELLENT results!  Cholesterol was great. A1C was great. Iron was great (I have always struggled with that) and my BP is excellent. I couldn't have done this without this program. My Dr was very impressed & said..."Just keep doing what you're doing. Great job."  It's one thing to see the numbers on the scale go down but when you get confirmation that for over 8 weeks, your blood work is directly affected by the dietary choices you are making, you know it's working INTERNALLY, as well. Life changing. ️