Kaitlin Harrison

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When I started pharmacy school my health became an afterthought. I attended classes all day and studied late into the night. For seven years, my dietary and lifestyle choices were subpar at best and often included something quick and caffeinated to keep me going. When I finally completed my residency, I was twenty pounds heavier and my confidence was nonexistent. I had attempted to become more physically active but the energy and confidence was not reappearing. 

I realized I needed more structure and guidance to accomplish the goals I had in mind

After approximately four months without the results I was looking focusing on fitness only, it finally clicked. I knew then and there, my diet needed to change. That’s where coach Bruce Hinckson stepped in, guns blazing, and introduced me to FIT Nutrition Coaching. 

It is a structured, personalized program that was able to equip me with the knowledge and expert support I needed to turn my dietary habits around. I was provided with weekly tasks and reminder e-mails to keep me on track, motivated, and accountable. I learned to make small changes, over time, to essentially trick my body into wanting the healthier lifestyle it deserved.

Even after completing the program, the weekly tasks became habits. 

When I started my fitness journey, my primary goal was weight loss. My goal was to lose the twenty pounds I had gained during pharmacy school but I soon realized pounds were not what I was looking for. Yes, I did lose weight (eight pounds to be exact), but the muscle I gained and inches I lost were incomparable. 

I now fit into clothes I never thought I would be able to again and the confidence and energy I used to have is back and firing on all cylinders. I can honestly say I have never felt better or more alive!