Brittany Harden

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As one can imagine, law school, like any grad school program, is hard. It is not just challenging academically, however; it is challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle or any king of consistent workout schedule. During my three years of law school, I gained 30 pounds. Throughout that period and in the months following graduation, I made several attempts of dieting, working out, running, and doing ANYTHING to lose that weight, but I would always give up after a couple weeks, or even a few days, when I didn’t immediately see the results I wanted. I honestly had no clue what to exercise, when to exercise, or what to eat, and how to eat.  I also struggled with how to manage my eating habits while balancing working a full time job with my family life, so achieving those results I so badly wanted was especially difficult. 

November 2017 rolled around, and I decided to enter the Mrs. WV America pageant, as I thought knowing that I would be on stage in a swimsuit in front of a ton of people would be enough motivation to finally get in shape. December then came and went, and I had made NO progress on getting that swimsuit body ready. Knowing I needed more than just my own self-motivation, I looked into the F.I.T. Nutrition Coaching program. I had heard of it, but had no clue what it was all about. After hearing Coach Bruce speak about the nutrition program, I KNEW that was what I needed to achieve my goals! I had eight weeks to get ready to get on that stage and knew I needed all the help I could get! 

Those eight weeks FLEW by, and I could not be happier with the results I achieved in that short amount of time. I competed for Mrs. WV (and definitely felt as though I rocked that stage in my swimsuit!), and while I did not bring the crown home, I made the Top 5 and ultimately placed third runner up in my first ever State pageant. Even better, in those eight weeks I spent prepping, I lost TWENTY pounds and dropped from a dress size 8/10 to a size TWO!! And I didn’t have to starve myself to do it! I absolutely could not have achieved such amazing results without my F.I.T. Nutrition coach. The structure and knowledge I received from the course, as well as coaching and encouragement was remarkable. There were definitely days I struggled with making healthier choices for my meals or meeting my workout goals, but they were there for me every step of the way. While I was far from perfect during that time, they continuously helped me refocus and encouraged me to keep making progress towards my goals. I am definitely going to continue striving for a healthier lifestyle and making healthier choices from now on, and I am looking forward to continuing toning up and prepping for Mrs. WV 2019 with all that I have gained from this experience.