Kenny Goodrich

The FIT Nutrition Coaching Program has made a drastic impact on not only mine, but my family's lives as well. We started our journey in June 2017 and within a few short months I have dropped 27 lbs and 10 inches. Not only do I look better and fit into my clothes better but at 35 years old I have never felt better. I now have more energy which allows me to train harder, be more productive during my day, and most importantly have more to give to my wife and two kids when I get home.

I have worked in Strength and Conditioning for over 10 years, but always fell short in my quest for better health and fitness. The FIT Nutrition Program was the missing link that has taught me simple habit based strategies that I am able to implement into my daily routine while working 10+ hours per day and having an active family. I am now setting the example I want my family, friends, and most importantly my children to follow. The strategies we learned with the FIT Nutrition Program will forever be a part of our lives.