It’s something worth sticking to.

When life is so busy, the last thing you need is one more to-do list item. I’ve never been interested in counting calories or tracking every single thing I eat. That’s just not sustainable to my real life. What I am interested in is making the best choices I can with the resources available to me. That’s where my FIT Nutrition coach comes in! He’s taught me some simple tricks for portion control, how to use food as a tool, and which foods eaten at certain times will help me achieve my goals.  Above all, I’ve been learning that planning and preparing are EVERYTHING! I feel like I have all this amazing “food is fuel” knowledge bouncing around my head now! And that’s not to say I will never crave ice cream or French fries ever again. I can tell you without a doubt, I will. ;] But once you’ve been empowered to make healthy choices, it’s something worth sticking to.