I just wasn't feeling it.

One day last week, I knew I should get a workout in. It had been a long day, I hadn’t slept well the night before, and overall, I just wasn’t FEELING it. Sound familiar? It’s almost annoying how easy it is to talk yourself out of doing things you know you should. In the back of my head, I could hear the words of my FIT Nutrition coach, Brock. We’d had this talk about feelings versus habits, and how you can’t rely on “feeling” motivated, because at some point, you won’t.  That’s why you need a plan. I had written down workout time in my planner (yes, actual pen and paper!) and I had brought my gym bag to work with me. I had planned, and therefore didn’t have any excuses not to follow through. I made it easy for myself to succeed and that felt really good! Plus, it was nice to be able to tell my FIT Nutrition coach that his pep talk stuck!